Push notifications

A push notification is a message that is sent and appears on the user's device. Push notifications can be triggered locally through an open application, or they can be sent from the server to the user even if the app is not active at the moment. They allow users to opt-in for timely updates and provide effective re-engagement with customized content.

Push notifications are collected through two APIs: the Notification API and the Information API. The Notifications API allows an app to display system notifications to the user. The Push API allows the service worker to handle push messages from the server even when the app is not active.

Notifications and push messages respond to push notification events in the background and broadcast them to your application.

Push notifications will be sent to you 1 - 6 times a month, and by accepting Push notifications, you can receive the latest information about offers from lenders, various current discounts and repayment advantages. It is also possible to receive reminders about loan repayment or the availability of offers.